Hello, my name is
I develop and elevate brands through creative solutions.

Currently living in Nashville, TN with over 15 years of experience in Branding, Digital Visual Communications, & Print Production.
At an early age I knew that my path would not fit the normal curriculum. I loved art, color, and composition but didn't know what to do with that passion. I initially pursued Fine Arts in college but didn't know how to apply it to a profession or find my voice. It was later that I found digital arts and communications and realized I could use my talent to help others develop their image and elevate their voice.
My passion for creativity and love of learning something new every day keep me growing as a creative professional. Traveling and exploring new places from behind my camera lens keep me grounded. I definitely have an unhealthy relationship with comic books, movies, and action figures, so I don't mind escaping to an alternate reality from time to time. As long as there's still craft beer. And coffee.
What I Do
Identity Design & Branding
Multi-Channel Collateral Delivery
Photography & Illustration
Project Planning & Production
Team Building & Leadership
Presentation & Client Retention
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